Cutlog finishes, a new adventure starts…

After 5 days, everything is packed again, some artworks are going to new homes and others will still be waiting for a wall to adopt them. We are all tired but happy with those few days of meeting and sharing our passion with the Parisian crowd.

The young Filipino artist we represent,  Omar Ramos known as Whooop was even distinguished as one of the few selected artists for the Arte/Cutlog prize by a prestigious jury composed of Fabrice Bousteau, manager of Beaux Arts magazine, Bertrand Lavier, artist, Mark Alizart, LVMH, Sydney Picasso, writer and collector, Chantal Thomass, designer, Eugène Riconneaus, shoe-designer, Zhenchen Liu, artist, Barbara Carlotti, Singer, Angélique Oussedik, ARTE cultural affairs. Thank you to them.

And of course a big thank you to the team behind Cutlog and most peculiarly Bruno Hadjadj, Ségolène, Sébastien…

Whooop - Life in Purple- 2013

Whooop – Life in Purple- 2013

Stéphane Blanquet in Libération

Stéphane Blanquet‘s artwork we had on our booth at Cutlog Paris, “L”ascension claudicante” (244 x 212 cm – about 8 by 7 Feet – Black paint on canvas – 2013) was featured in a 2 page article on Blanquet in the French newspaper “Libération” on October 23th.

"L'ascention claudicante" besides Black Mamba at Cut Log Paris 2013

“L’ascention claudicante” besides Black Mamba at Cut Log Paris 2013

Read the article (in French only..) here: Blanquet, le petit père du puzzle – Libération

Meeting Zeng Fanzhi at the Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris

Today, we were invited to the opening of the new Zeng Fanzhi exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris. We had the pleasure of getting introduce and talking with this outstanding artist. The exhibition shows very different works from the very beginning to the most recent ones among them the famous painting “The last supper” which was sold by Sothebys in Honk Kong recently for 23.3 millions US$.

The artist with the famous painting:

Zeng Fanzhi at the Musée d'Art Moderne of Paris

Zeng Fanzhi at the Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris