SEA+ Triennale 2013 in Jakarta

SEA+ Triennale 2013 in Jakarta

The National Gallery of Indonesia presents SEA+ Triennale , as the first three yearly international exhibition to be held in a developing region of Southeast Asia.

The presentation of SEA+ Triennale is a program of establishment and development for Indonesian visual art, hosted by the National Gallery of Indonesia, Ministry for Education and Culture.

The Filipino artist – Mr. Omar Ramos @ Whooop, whom Fuman Art invited to Malaysia for a 1-month residency program, was selected to present a mural paint at the SEA+ Triennale 2013 at the premise of National Gallery of Indonesia.

Fuman Art would like to thank the curators involved in the SEA+ Triennale:

Jim Supangkat
Suwarno Wisetrotomo
Asikin Hasan
Badrolhisham Mochammad Thahir
Rizki Ahmad Zaelani
A. Rikrik Kusmara


SEA Triennale 2013 Whooop - 3 Mural painting by Omar Ramos @ Whooop at the National Gallery of Indonesia.


SEA Triennale 2013 Whooop - 4 Omar Ramos @ Whooop posting with his artwork


SEA Triennale 2013 Whooop - 5Mural painting by Omar Ramos @ Whooop