Azizan Paiman’s “AISKRIM MALAYSIA” at Balai Seni Visual Negara, National Visual Art Gallery of Malaysia

“Aiskrim Malaysia” by Azizan Paiman was first performed in the 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale in 1999, Fukuoka Asia Art Museum, Japan. Now his ice-cream carts “sculptures” are displayed in Balai Seni Visual Negara in Gallery 2C.

The background of Paiman’s ice-cream selling

Azizan Paiman was invited to participate in the 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (Japan) in 1999. He created a sweet and spicy ice-cream (with the help of a local ice-cream manufacturer, and of course permitted coloring and flavoring).

The performance titled “Ais Krim Malaysia” took place at Kawabata Shopping street in Hakata (Fukuoka, Japan). Pushing his ice-cream cart, he gives out his Ais Krim Malaysia to curious passer-by, sharing with them the taste of Malaysia! He shouts in Japanese “Tada desu!” (meaning it is free!), “Umakabai” (It is delicious in Hakata slang) and “Okanae iranai” (no need money!)

In Malaysia, 2015

IMG-20151018-WA0001 IMG-20151018-WA0002

In Japan, 1999 (a very young Paiman!)

aiskirim-azizan paiman aiskirim-Azizan Paiman aiskirim-Azizan Paiman aiskirim-D aiskirim-Azizan Paiman aiskirim-Azizan Paiman aiskirim-Azizan Paiman aiskirim-Azizan PaimanAzizan Paiman Aiskrim in Japan

Aoi FUJIMOTO to be featured in French publication

An artwork by Aoi Fujimoto, “The hand”, drawing on paper, 2002, from a series of 10 similar works created to illustrate an erotic/science fiction novel, will be featured in the upcoming issue of the French mythical publication “Tranchée Racine”.

Published by United Dead Artists, it is all about images and has barely any text. It will be the 10th issue: big size, 16 pages, black & white and colors. 4,000 copies.

Suggestions of artists and artworks are welcome: trancheeracine(at) The focus is on: worlds of flesh, psychic organs, primitive landscapes, intravenous savagery, salacious everyday life, suspicious origins…

Since 2007, United Dead Artists has published about 80 books, magazines and objects featuring more than 160 artists.

More on Aoi Fujimoto here

Aoi Fujimoto in the Tranchée Racine

Aoi Fujimoto in the Tranchée Racine


Azizan Paiman: New works at the gallery

Dawn Raid Operation, London 1981

Dawn Raid Operation, London 1981

The paintings of the “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves” are now exhibited at the Gallery. They are georgeous… Full of poetry and meanings.

About this artwork: “In a ‘dawn raid’ on the London Stock Exchange on 7 September 1981, the premiere British rubber and oil palm conglomerate in Malaysia, the Guthrie Corporation Limited, was taken into local control in less than four hours. This was the most dramatic Malaysian acquisition of a foreign company during the restructuring of the country’s post-colonial economy during the 1970s and 1980s, and the Guthrie Dawn Raid remains a celebrated but, at the same time, contested juncture in contemporary Malaysian memory”

More here:

DIEGO PERROTTA: 1st prize at UADE contest 2014

The quality of the work of Diego Perrotta has been, once again, recognized in Argentina. Last September, he was awarded the first prize in painting of the UADE art contest 2014 for his painting called “Alchimia”. UADE (Universidad Argentina De la Empresa) is an important business focused university and they have been strongly supporting the art scene for years. (

Diego Perrotta - Alquimia - 150 x 150 cm - 2014

Diego Perrotta – Alquimia – 150 x 150 cm – 2014