Mephisto – lithographic print by Zakii

Zakii’s print is titled “Mephisto”, its size is 75,5 x 58,5 cm (27.2 x 23 in) for the sheet of paper and 54,5 x 43,5 cm (21.5 x 17.1 in) for the stone/drawing.

It has been printed in 90 numbered and signed copies, 9 Artist Proofs, 1 copy for the collection of the French National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) and 1 for Idem’s archives. 22 additional prints were made and will be enhanced with watercolors and mixed-media by the artist thus becoming unique artworks.

It is printed on awhite 300 gr Velin d’Arches. Zakii’s prints have 4 variations. All the prints are printed in black with one passage. There are 4 different types of backgrounds: natural color of the paper (12 copies), light pink (32 copies), light cream (38 copies) and double cream (8 copies).

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