Collaboration with MONSTOCK!!

Once upon in time, there is an island known as Avalon island. A main part of the island is covered by thick jungle. Creatures of all sorts inhabits the jungle. Not many mankind could venture into the jungle and live to tell the tale, except for Minoru Sugiyama 杉山実 (the adventure artist). He acquainted 3 creatures which he has named them as Furogen  フロッゲン, Moai Robot  モアイロボ and Paborasu bird 巨鳥パボラス. To give a better understanding to the appearance of the creatures, Minoru Sugiyama collaborates with MONSTOCK!! to make and produce limited edition of the creatures.

MONSTOCK!! is a Japanese toy maker company who uses traditional Japanese techniques to produce toys.Monstock!! derives its name from ‘Monster’ and stock. Passion about toys and monsters (In Japanese, it is known as Kaiju), MONSTOCK!! went into making high quality, unique art toys. Each toy is unique in its color as it is each hand-made and as such limited in quantity.

Please click here to view Furogen, Moai robo and Paborasu bird produced by MONSTOCK!!.

Furogen フロッゲン

The legendary Furogen is said to live in the west side of Avalon island.

Froggen - YellowFroggen - green

Moai Robot  モアイロボ

The legendary Moai robot protects the Avalon island from foreign intruders. There are G-Moai Robot (Giant) and M-Moai Robot (Medium)


G-Moai Robo - Silver

Paborasu 巨鳥パボラス

The legendary giant Paborasu bird is said to live in the east side of Avalon island.

Paborasu - Red

Now, Furogen, Moai Robo, and Paborasu have hit Fuman art space!

Family - Monstock!!

Moai robot - gold copper Moai robot - greenPlease click here to view Furogen, Moai robo and Paborasu bird produced by Monstock!!.