Blanquet – Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Goudron Pressage . Sillon Tympan


A visual and sound solo exhibition by Stéphane Blanquet

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris // April 16th to June 19th 2016


Blanquet’s art project entitled “Goudron Pressage – Sillon Tympan” which can loosely be translated by “Asphalt Pressing – Groove Eardrum” is an exhibition/installation featuring recent artworks, various music and image producing devices and 3 sound sculptures.

Blanquet designed the layout of the exhibition and chose to present his most recent artworks: tapestries, black and white drawings, paintings, color drawings, various sculptures and a digital artwork. He also created three mechanical sound sculptures which can be activated by the public and create all type of different sounds.

There is also one installation with 40 picture discs, 4 turntables, 2 mixing tables and a 6-meter long wallpaper on which the records are hanged. The public can takes the records from the wall and listen, mix or/and scratch the records on the turntables. Blanquet created part of the music and for about half of it worked with musicians like The Residents, John Zorn, Mike Patton, Ikue Mori, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Pierre Bastien, John Duncan, Lydia Lunch, Robin Rimbaud – Scanner, David Toop, Jean Dubuffet…

Blanquet also created a digital artwork which can be used by the public to created short animated GIF by selecting and combining images created by the artist. The result is then shown on a wall of TVs.

The artist also worked with “Brut Pop” a group of experimental instrument manufacturers. Together they created 3 booths in which one can create music and interact with artworks by manipulating unusual tools and 2 musical instruments loosely looking like a guitar and a bass so that people can create music together.

For more information on Stephane Blanquet’s drawings, click here.

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