Jembalang Busut Jantan (The Demon of the Ant Nest) – lithographic print by Jai

Jai’s lithographic print on stone is called “Jembalang Busut Jantan” (The Demon of the Ant Nest), its size is 78 x 103,5 cm (30.7 x 40.7 in) for the sheet of paper and 65 x 92 cm (25.6 x 36.2 in) for the stone/drawing.

It has been printed in 88 numbered and signed copies, 6 Artist Proofs, 1 copy for the collection of the French National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) and 1 for Idem’s archives. 15 additional prints were made and some will be enhanced with watercolors and mixed-media by the artist thus becoming unique artworks.

Jai chose a light brown/orange color for the printing which is a reference to the antique color of clay pots found in the Inca culture. He had half of the prints printed on 300 gr Arches paper and the other half on 300 gr BKF Rives.

The printing process was divided in two types, one type has only one passage, the stone was printed once on the paper and a second type where some parts where hidden and the stone was printed a second time on the first passage to give the image a different depth.

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