Gustavo Charif represents Argentina at Art Expo Malaysia 2012

Gustavo Charif on his booth at Art Expo Malaysia 2012

This year the artist representing Argentina in the Embassy row of Art Expo Malaysia is Gustavo Charif.

Extract from the presentation by her Excellence Ms. Rendon, Ambassador of Argentina in Malaysia: “Born in 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lives and works, Gustavo Charif is very active in fine arts, music, film-making and poetry. His creative journey has taken him around the world where his works have been shown in exhibitions side by side with Dali, Magritte… Gustavo Charif uses oil and acrylic paints, collages, drawings and various kinds of objects to create full of details artworks in which he always introduces a touch of humor. His works are part of prestigious collections (Burrus, Einaudi, Elía-Robirosa, Fortabat, stradella Bianchi…).”

The trip of Gustavo Charif, his 3 months residency in Malaysia and the various events he is involved in were organized by Fuman Art with the support of the Embassy of Argentina and Air France/KLM.

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