for an intense, uncompromising and exciting lifestyle

At Fuman Art, we have a strong and long lasting passion for promoting art & style and conducting projects with artists. Our company, Fuman Art Sdn Bhd, is incorporated in Malaysia where we have an elegant and spacious art space. The company is managed by Antoine Frémon and was formerly known as “Iwamon” (created in 2008).

We are peculiarly interested in:

  • Bridging different cultures and support artists from Latin America, Europe, Japan and South-East Asia…
  • Encouraging artists to push the boundaries of their creativity, and to confront themselves with other cultures and ideas.

We focus on:

  • Cultural project management
  • Integrating art in our surroundings
  • Art for investment, collection and decoration
  • Art management

Our customers are private individuals, corporations & public institutions.

Some recent projects:

  • 2014: “A la carte”, Azizan Paiman solo exhibition at Maison Française, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2013: Opening of the Fuman Art – Art Space in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the “The World is Yours” exhibition.
  • 2013: Whooop at the SEA+ Triennale in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2013: Presentation at the Cutlog Paris art fair
  • 2013: “Glossy Dreams in Depths”: Stéphane Blanquet at Singapore Art Museum
  • 2013: “Absolute Charif” exhibition at Maison Française in Kuala Lumpur
  • 2012: “Lamborghini Odyssey” with Lamborghini KL and Henry Butcher

Cultural project management:

  • Conceive and organize projects generating outstanding value for the different stakeholders, capturing the interest of the public and promoting exchanges between different cultures.
  • Organize and manage art related projects from conception to realization
  • Generate collaborative projects between artist and companies
  • Support companies in their CSR activities

Integration art in our surroundings

  • Promote projects and artworks in streets, parks, hotels, restaurants, buildings, offices…
  • Attract tourists and customers, generate awareness thanks to the artists’ style and reputation
  • Strengthen companies employees’ commitment and team spirit with art

Art for investment, collection and decoration

  • Provide artworks and advice for decoration, collection and investment purposes to individuals, corporations and cultural institutions from around the world.
  • Focusing on fine art, we rely on a network of contacts to source other precious and rare collectibles including fine books, furniture, wristwatches, sport & classic cars… to suit every lifestyle.

Art management

Our aim: nurture a mind-opening and long lasting approach to art

  • Build long term relationships with outstanding artists, providing to collectors, a long term promotion of the artists and to the artists, unleash their potential through a global approach to projects, collectors, galleries, cultural institutions and media.
  • Revive the work of underrated artists, art movement and/or aesthetics. Bring forth the underlying value, both financial and historical, through research and marketing.

Fuman Art activities involve art, culture and knowledge and include:.

Fine arts: painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving…

Painting by Whooop - 2013 - Exhibited and selected at Cut Log

Monumental Art

Street Art, mural paintings, urban projects


We work with Serge Plantureux the world expert in vintage photographs to source for our customers unusual precious and unique pieces and create stories.



Emilio Garcia Wehbi - Proyecto Filoctetes - Buenos Aires 2002


Design & objects

Joint projects with companies

Design by Diego Perrotta for Argentinian brand Topper

Office decoration with adequate artworks