Fuman Art featured in The China Press in New York 侨报

Link to the article in China Press, New York.



The art gallery takes on a very joyous name, Fuman Art Gallery. All of the artwork were tagged with the logo of “Fuman”. This is because the lady gallery owner is a Malaysian Chinese, and her grandfather originated from Hainan Island. She speaks fluent Mandarin. She was born in Malaysia, but her mother tongue is Mandarin. She could even speak Hainanese though she has yet to go to Hainan Island. Her grandfather came to Malaysia, and though she is already the 3rd generation, the family still maintains a mouthful of Mandarin.

The other owner is a French man called Antoine Fremon. Antoine and Hsien Huey organized art activities in Japan and Malaysia. They have a spacious art space in Malaysia. Their artists, include Malaysian, Japanese, Argentina, French and so on. It is like a mini international art expo already! Since they come from far and transporting the artworks are not so convenient, they selected smaller artworks, and sculptures to be exhibited in cutlog New York.

From their website, you can see that they are rich in artistic activities in Malaysia, including artworks, performance, public street art, museums, etc. Perhaps I am more familiar to the oriental artworks, but the Argentinian artist’s work gave me a fresh feel.

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