Stéphane Blanquet, solo show @ Abbaye d’Auberive (France)

Blanquet @ Abbaye d'Auberive

“Par les masques écornés”, the new solo show of Blanquet at the Abbaye d’Auberive

Blanquet has been invited by French collector Jean-Claude Volot to present a solo exhibition at his art space, the Abbaye d’Auberive. This exibition entitled “Par les Masques Ecornés” or “Through the cracked Masks” is on display until September 30th. Blanquet presents new artworks among which a tapestry created with Tanaami Keiichi, 10 terra cota sculptures, lenticular prints, a photography installation…

This exhibition is documented in a 240-page hard cover catalogue which will be available soon through les presse du réèl, the Abbaye d’Auberive and the Stéphane Blanquet website.

The Abbaye is open on Tuesdays from 14h à 18h30 and from wednesdays to sundays at 10h to 12h30 and 14h to 18h30

more info:

At the first floor of the art center, are exhibited new acquisitions and important works by Willy BIHOREAU, Hervé BOHNERT, DADO, Hervé DI ROSA, FUMERO, Sabrina GRUSS, Hong INSOOK, JONONE, Hélène LAGNIEU, Macuria MONTOLANEZ, NADAU, Stéphane PENCREAC’H, Raphaëlle RICOL, Ronan-Jim SEVELLEC, Olivier VINOT, Davor VRANKIC….


Stéphane Blanquet @ Artcurial Paris with MEL Publisher

Parabole Arithmétique at Artcurial

Parabole Arithmétique – the biggest lithographic print by Blanquet

The “Parabole Arithmétique” print is exhibited as part of a group show at Artcurial Paris. From June 6th to June 10th

It is part of a group show organized by MEL Publisher for the launch of their website which presents the prints they have been producing with such artists as Christophe Blain, Damien Deroubaix, Hervé Di Rosa, Emmanuel Guibert, Lorenzo Mattotti, Françoise Pétrovitch, James Rielly, Alain Séchas, Agnès Thurnauer, Barthélémy Toguo, Vincent Parronaud dit Winshluss and of course Stéphane Blanquet


Featuring Azizan Paiman’s “The CEO and his partners”

Who are the CEO’s of the GLCs? Who are their partners? … As usual, Azizan Paiman’s artwork put us to our critical thinking. His artwork, though it may seem at times talking about the Malaysian scenario, but it is actually generic, it happens in everywhere in the world. Perhaps this artwork is to serve as a reminder that there should not be any nepotism or cronyism in the organization. …what is your interpretation?

PAIMAN @ Singapore Biennale 2016

Azizan Paiman will be presenting his art performance called “Putar Alam Cafe” in Singapore Biennale 2016. Deriving his idea from The Pentagon, Putar Alam Cafe is a five-sided polygon and interactive space where Azizan Paiman will be serving as the bartender in the middle. His Putar Alam Cafe menu includes “Sky Kingdom Juice”, “Capitalist Soda” etc. The mobile space is to allow visitors to have discussion or debate over various contemporary issues.

Azizan Paiman is known for his wittiness and humor in most of his artwork and art performance. He likes to challenge his audience with a deeper thought in his artwork. He has performed several art performance, one of his first performance was in 1999, the 1st Fukouka Asian Art Triennale in 1999, where he presented “Ais Krim Malaysia”.

Putar Alam Cafe by Azizan PaimanPutar Alam Cafe by Azizan Paiman Putar Alam Cafe by Azizan Paiman Putar Alam Cafe by Azizan PaimanMore news at:

For more information on the Singapore Biennale 2016, please click here.

Blanquet at Centre Georges Pompidou: Goudron Pressage – Sillon Tympan”

Blanquet - project - 2016 - Pompidou - official photo - CopieGOUDRON PRESSAGE – SILLON TYMPAN, the new exhibition by Stéphane Blanquet will take place at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris from April 16th to June 19th.

For this project, Blanquet created all a range of new artworks: drawings, sculptures, picture discs, tapestries and so on… For the 40 picture discs, Blanquet created half of the songs and for the other half he invited The Residents, John Zorn, Mike Patton, Ikue Mori, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Pierre Bastien, John Duncan, Lydia Lunch, Robin Rimbaud – Scanner, David Toop, Emmanuel Dilhac, Marie Lisel, Mr Pimpant, les Choolers, Kokondo Zaz and Jean-Luc Terminarias. He will also present some music by Jean Dubuffet (thanks to the Dubuffet Fondation) and he worked with Brut Pop on music producing devices.

more information on facebook and on the Centre Pompidou website

Blanquet at Ferme du Buisson: La Colonne d’Appendices

Blanquet - projet - 2016 - Colonne - poster face A

Front of the poster “La Colonne d’Appendices” created for the project at Ferme du Buisson.

Blanquet - projet - 2016 - Colonne - poster face B

Back of the poster “La Colonne d’Appendices” created for the project at Ferme du Buisson. Artwork featured is the “Givre sur Ambiguité du Fléau” tapestry

Blanquet created an installation, “La Colonne d’Appendices”, for the Pulp Festival at the Ferme du Buisson near Paris (Noisiel). The installation features nine separate rooms with different atmospheres and artworks. Exhibition from April 6th to April 24th. Information here. (No French available). To illustrate this article, pictures of the poster Blanquet created to be given away at the event. The artwork reproduced is the tapestry “Givre sur Austerité du Fléau”.

The exhibition was featured yesterday on the news on Arte, see here.

INVENTORY – the new project by Azizan Paiman

Azizan Paiman - painting - 2012 - oil canvas - AB40 - The Naive... - lgWe are now working with our friend, exciting artist Azizan Paiman, on a new project to take place in our gallery near Kuala Lumpur. Titled “Inventory” it will an exhibition with artworks and various items that have had an importance in the life of the artist and in his practice. This show will be a unique opportunity to learn more about Paiman of course but also about ourselves.

In this era of international turmoil where our minds and thoughts are confused by the calls of so many fake prophets (faux prophets) and wrenched ideologies, isn’t it time to go back to fundamentals, think again about who we are and where we want to go, and choose our values as part of humanity? That is exactly the journey Paiman invites us to embark upon.

The show will take place at the gallery space from this Sunday, January 31st to Sunday March 6th. We will be hosting an opening party on Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm. The exhibition will then be open by appointment only.