Blanquet at Centre Georges Pompidou: Goudron Pressage – Sillon Tympan”

Blanquet - project - 2016 - Pompidou - official photo - CopieGOUDRON PRESSAGE – SILLON TYMPAN, the new exhibition by Stéphane Blanquet will take place at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris from April 16th to June 19th.

For this project, Blanquet created all a range of new artworks: drawings, sculptures, picture discs, tapestries and so on… For the 40 picture discs, Blanquet created half of the songs and for the other half he invited The Residents, John Zorn, Mike Patton, Ikue Mori, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Pierre Bastien, John Duncan, Lydia Lunch, Robin Rimbaud – Scanner, David Toop, Emmanuel Dilhac, Marie Lisel, Mr Pimpant, les Choolers, Kokondo Zaz and Jean-Luc Terminarias. He will also present some music by Jean Dubuffet (thanks to the Dubuffet Fondation) and he worked with Brut Pop on music producing devices.

more information on facebook and on the Centre Pompidou website

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