Aoi FUJIMOTO to be featured in French publication

An artwork by Aoi Fujimoto, “The hand”, drawing on paper, 2002, from a series of 10 similar works created to illustrate an erotic/science fiction novel, will be featured in the upcoming issue of the French mythical publication “Tranchée Racine”.

Published by United Dead Artists, it is all about images and has barely any text. It will be the 10th issue: big size, 16 pages, black & white and colors. 4,000 copies.

Suggestions of artists and artworks are welcome: trancheeracine(at) The focus is on: worlds of flesh, psychic organs, primitive landscapes, intravenous savagery, salacious everyday life, suspicious origins…

Since 2007, United Dead Artists has published about 80 books, magazines and objects featuring more than 160 artists.

More on Aoi Fujimoto here

Aoi Fujimoto in the Tranchée Racine

Aoi Fujimoto in the Tranchée Racine


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